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Jan 8
Gay the Musical

Gay the Musical

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Aug 28

Arsene Wenger is…

…this season’s Roy Hodgson.

You know, when Hodgson was at Liverpool.

Where he sucked balls, when he made Liverpool shit, like super shit.

You know, when he sold out Fulham (where he had an amazing few years) for his ‘dream job’ at Liverpool, only to be shown the door months later.

It’s just like that…

…except Wenger didn’t have a blinder last season, in fact last season was shit too. But we had Fabregas then, so it was alright.

But both Arsene and Roy are having a bollocks of a time.

Well, Roy’s doing well again, landing on his feet at West Brom.


…if Wenger was to part company with Arsenal, I think he’d just shrivel up and die.

Or start his own pre-school. For boys.

Still, it’s nearly the same.


They were/are shit, ok.

Fuck off.